Launch of the Legal Review of Happiness

Call for contributions
Launch of the Legal Review of Happiness

The International Observatory of Happiness (OIB) is pleased to launch the first call for contributions for the Legal Review of Happiness.

The Legal Review of Happiness

The right to/of happiness is gradually emerging in the legal framework, whether at the international level or in national laws. This emerging right, whether formally expressed or not, is reflected in many conventional, constitutional(1) or legislative developments.

From its recent inclusion in economic indicators to the full recognition of a right to well-being, often linked to the notion of sustainable development, the birth of this right upsets legal traditions often rooted in the logic of economic growth. It suggests the prevalence of new priorities such as well-being, social equity, solidarity, rights of future generations or human dignity.

In this context, the creation of a legal review dedicated to law and happiness appears as a mean to disseminate innovative solutions framed by international, national or local authorities around the world, through regulations, laws, constitutions, court decisions, customary rules or soft law tools.

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