About Kishor Uprety

Kishor UPRETY will give a talk during the International Happiness Assizes  in Sète, in September 2012.

A lawyer with more than 25 years in the profession, Kishor UPRETY, has been, for the last two decades, associated with the World Bank’s Legal Department, where he currently is a Senior Counsel. Through the Bank, he has worked on a number of issues of development pertaining to more than 25 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, Central Asia, and the Middle East.

Kishor Uprety, who holds a Doctorate degree in law, has been a Guest Speaker at many professional and academic institutions, on a number of international law and development-related topics, including, among other, The Role of Third Party in International Water Treaty Making, Legal Reform, Transbounday Waters, and Legal Aspects of Operations of International Financial Organizations. He has also designed and implemented some training programs on Legal Aspects of Operations for the benefit of World Bank’s Project managers, and has further served on the Editorial Board of the World Bank’ Series on Law, Justice and Development. /p>

Kishor Uprety has authored six books and more than two dozen articles on various issues of development law, international and water law. His books have focused, among other, on :
(i) Development and Peace;
(ii) Institutional Framework for Legal and Judicial Training;
(iii) Transit Regime of Landlocked States;
(iv) Conflict and Cooperation on International Rivers;
(v) Combating Corruption; and
Globalizing Justice.

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